Abydos IX

Amon Min


Try to remember your first impressions. The actual form of Amon is unknown, thus his name means mysterious. All the historical imagery such as Baphomet, goat of Mendes, are metaphors for the creative vortex. Sometime the image is blue to represent more of the mystery. The image is about your own size and will be facing you from an ornamental wooden shrine box. Beyond this image you can see other strange things. There is a diaphanous veil or screen and beyond this the hint of a secret door.

You may wish to make an offering, saying ‘I offer what is in my hands’ – if you have nothing in your hands, then you must offer your hands, laying them on the god. If you don’t feel ready for this, then leave your offering in a niche that you will find outside the shrine, in the wall between this shrine and the next one. You might consider performing the orthodox function of the priest then do to the god, what he/she would like.

Primarily this means to clean and tidy the shrine, to change the god’s clothing and decoration and to leave some food and drink, taking away the previous times offerings (this will be sold to pilgrims in the temple courtyards). When you have done, sweep the floor as you retreat, obliterating your footprints, walk backwards out of the shrine and close the door, replacing the seal with one of your own that you can remember.

When you are ready, either explore a little further as is your will or return the way you came. Mentally repeating in reverse the process.

I suggest that this point of contact with the creative Amun is the basic practice that should be done before moving onto other deeper mysteries. End the ritual as taught and do some vibration of god names to make sure you are fully earthed and everything is finished.

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